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M.H.GMadd Hatter Glass | Eas'Coast Smoke Shop


DJ Weltch East Coast Premier DJ


LA Truck Parts New Jersey's Auto Shop

M.H.G Madd Hatter Glass | Eas'Coast Smoke Shop

Madd Hatter Glass was a smoke shop that opened up back in 2012. It's a Flea-Market based smoke shop and hours vary throughout the year and week when it's in season. MHG had a lot to offer in the smoke shop world so the concept for the layout had to be a one page setup. I used a layout that incorporated scaleable boxes to fit the width of the browser and OS being used and incorporated the JS Scrollpane script to pop-up the content as the main focal point.

Their site has since shut down and they do not offer the services they once did. To locate them, they can be found at Columbus Farmer's Market in New Jersey.

DJ Weltch East Coast Premier DJ

I personally know a lot of DJ's (underground and local/state wide) and I'm particularly fascinated with DJ Weltch's music. The guy has been around making beats for some time now and his work is pretty sick.

I had met DJ Weltch at a local event march for legalizing marijuana/cannabis; heard his music; found out he did not have a website. I offered to set up a website to cater to his business' needs so that it would help keep him out there (word of mouth) and also keep his music flowing. DJ Weltch wanted a site concept where he could utilize the following: Basic and Mobile View, a Blog, a Gallery, and his music play lists. He also wanted the site designed to where he could update without having to bother anyone - This concept was definitely a fun challenge.

I didn't want a layout that was mostly strewn together in a sloppy manner. I also did not want to give him the typical third-party hosted server for his gallery, either. I wanted everything to be home based around him with his input of compilation. I saw his page as catchy but mellow, subtle but to the point. He didn't need crazy things and ideas strewn all over - To keep everything simplistic and get you to where you wanted to check out was the main priority.

I wanted to make the site a one page process; it's easier to load, less time consuming, and less space is used compared to the traditional concept. I wanted the header to direct to the main focal points (social media). The navigation had to flow with a brief title per spot. The big entrées had to have their own space (blog and gallery) so they popped out into their own window. The site consists of a self-regulated update for when he uploads new content on his Sound Cloud and YouTube channels. The page gives a quick, simple, and direct approach to the person he is without making anything boring. DJ Weltch was an absolute doll to work with. His site directs you to the important aspect - his music - without taking anything from it's median.

One of the challenges I had faced was completing a self-hosted mobile site without having to buy into a company, paying to have the page made, and all of the other quotas that are established out there. I wanted the site to be fully self-hosted on its own without any other server or outside linking involved. I kept both sites separated from one another's design. Both carry the same content but at different angles and colors. DJ Weltch is truly one of those artists out there that needs to be seen and heard. He's also a current activist in present Legalization of Medical Marijuana alongside his business. Don't take my word for it, check him out.

DJ Weltchs' site has since shut down but his music can be found on various sites. Check them out below and let him know Savannah sent ya.

LA Truck Parts New Jersey's Auto Shop

LA Truck Parts was a local shop that had opened up in the Burlington County of New Jersey in 2012. The shop was associated with a lot of New Jersey's premier businesses who were able to keep prices low and substantial so this way the consumers could be reached easily and the pockets could stay affordable. The site was a simple concept. All of the inventory ran through Amazon and the site just needed to be established to provide information. The basic task of the site was to basically re-direct any outside links to the main site (outside links that you would have to pay to advertise but were free). It provided the following: Google Map and Directory, Brief information about the company, Social Media Links, Services, and a direct link to the Amazon store. The site folded downward to show the main content with a iFrame option.

The business had eventually closed in January of 2015 and was partnered up with SM Tire & Parts Wholesale LLC, also based out of Burlington County in New Jersey. SM Tire & Parts Wholesale LLC also houses, not only a massive inventory of auto, truck, and motorcycle parts, but it also houses wholesale and individual accounts for tires.